Friday, September 12, 2008

The Dumb Bunnies

Believe it or not I had not read my first Dumb Bunnies book until last spring. At that time I purchased two titles from Scholastic: The Dumb Bunnies & Make Way for Dumb Bunnies. Of course they were dumb, but I loved the humor in the both the text and the illustrations. OK so would I really use these in an elementary classroom? This was a question asked by several of my undergrads. Well those of you that know me know that I probably would...of course I've been known to use a lot of controversial literature in the past and the present. Personally I think these books would be a fun way to teach intertextual connections (text-to-text).

FYI, my two boys are big Dav Pilkey fans. They both love the Captain Underpants Series. My youngest is currently a third grader and a struggling reader. Last week I gave him my two Dumb Bunnies books to read. He absolutely loved them. His responses would have provided rich data for anyone studying children's responses to picture books (Larry would have loved it). Here were some of his responses: laughter, giggles, smiles, head nods, and quotes like "What the heck? Oh my gosh! You've got to be kidding me! They are so dumb!" Any book that encourages and engages my struggling reader can't be that bad. These books put a smile on my son's face which then put a smile on my face! Thanks Dav.

I haven't done a rating for some time so here I go:
I know that some of you may lose a little respect for me for this rating, but the books fit my sense of humor.

Happy Reading,
Dr. Quinn