Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An Author from Down Under

One of my students is currently doing her student teaching in a 5th grade class in Australia. I recently asked her for some book ideas from down under. Here was her response...

...there is an author named Morris Gleitzman. My class was checking out his website the other day. His books are kind of morbidly funny.. crazy sense of humor and the kids love it. There are some chapter examples on his website. One of the books is about a frog and his family who keep getting squashed by cars on the freeway and his life long ambition for friendship between frogs an humans... as he drags the dried up bodies of his squashed relatives off the freeway... you get the idea. Here's the website. where you can get more information and several audio samples from several of his books

Also, the authors Jackie French and Emily Rhoda are very popular...

Thanks for sharing with us Amy.

Happy Reading,
Dr. Quinn

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Jessie said...

Dr. Quinn- have you ever heard of this lady named Esme Raji Codell? She's an author and certified readiologist (i didn't know those existed)and has not only has a website with great children's book recommendations and must reads- but also a blog with a recommendation a day.