Saturday, June 28, 2008

Radical Change

In this blog, I do not plan to write up each book I read, but every once in awhile I'm sure I will feel the need to do so. It just so happens that I want to share my most recent read.
I just completed April Wayland's Girl Coming in for a Landing: A Novel in Poems. This is a very quick YA read. This book is all poems written in first person, and it follows a young teen-aged girl through her school year. I enjoyed the poems, the storyline, the illustrations, and the topics (the topics were very relivant...actually several of the poems were from Wayland's journal of her teenage years). What I enjoyed most about this novel was the format. I love books written in unusual formats, and this one definitely fits what Eliza Dresang would call a Radical Change book.


If you are not familiar with Radical Change: Books for Youth in a Digital Age by Eliza T. Dresang, I would recommend that you pick it up. Dresang looks at three kinds of change: changing forms and formats (graphics in new forms and formats, nonlinear organization, etc.), changing perspectives (multiple perspectives, etc.), and changing boundaries (previously forbidden subjects and overlooked settings, etc). Wayland's novel is definitely a radical change type of book.

Happy Reading,
Dr. Quinn

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