Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rating System

After finishing Story of a Girl, I was thinking about various ways to share my personal ratings of the various books that I share. I am sure that the few of you that actually read this post notice how it has changed already. Earlier this week I wrote that I would not give summaries for each book; however, I feel that many will want a quick summary or some type of evaluation to help them decide if they want to read/explore books from this site. So I am in the initial stage of brainstorming a simple but flexible rating system (all based on my opinion) for the various genre of books that I share. Right now I am not sure but I know there will be be several categories (e.g., to recommend or not, engagement, & creativity). I hope to get this figured out before my next post. If any of you have any suggestions, feel free to share them in the comment section.

Currently I have my students rate books: excellent, above average, average, or poor. To be consistent with them, I will probably do something similar, but with a little more to it. Don't be surprised if I change this system as I continue to post.

Happy Reading,
Dr. Quinn

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