Monday, July 14, 2008

Redwall: The Graphic Novel

Over the past six months I have gained interest in graphic novels. My library has grown from zero to approximately 20 graphic novels, and some day I hope to review or share several of my favorite graphic novels on this blog site.

The latest addition to my collection is Brian Jacques Redwall: The Graphic Novel, illustrated by Bret Blevins. I was very excited to pick up this book for several reasons: 1) I loved the original text (although I haven't visited it for years), 2) I was eager to see Blevins' interpretation of the story as well as his character illustrations, 3) I like graphic novels for elementary students, & 4) it is another graphic novel for my collection.

After reading this graphic novel I felt happily satisfied. Originally, I hoped for colorful illustrations, but I quickly became a fan of the black and white style. I loved the illustrations of Cluny and his army, and I liked how the layout was similar to the Japanese Manga style (maybe that is why it is in b/w). Overall I though this was a good interpretation of Jacques original tale. Of course certain text and details are going to be left out, but I still thought that Blevins' interpretation was smooth. Therefore, I once again enjoyed the story of Redwall.


Happy Reading,
Dr. Quinn

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