Friday, January 2, 2009

A Taste for Red

I was recently sent a copy of Lewis Harris' new book titled A Taste for Red. I believe this book will be released in June of '09. It is always nice to have an opportunity to read a text prior to the release date...thanks Marjorie.

First of all, I would like to share what a fun read this was for me. I enjoyed listening to the protagonist, Svetlana Grimm, share her story. She kept me engaged, and I was excited to turn the pages.

Svetlana believes that she is a vampire and to confirm this theory she shares her reasons: she likes to sleep under her bed, she has a taste for red foods (red peppers, red potatoes, tomatoes, red velvet cake, etc.), she has ESP, she is fair skinned, and her senses are perfectly attuned after hours. By combining her sharp senses and her ESP, Svetlana discovers that one of her teachers, Ms Larch, is a vampire as well. However, Svetlana has difficulty discerning if her teacher is good or bad. With the help of an unique elderly neighbor, Ms Bones and Svetlana's new friends, a discovery is made that will impact the all their lives.

In this book, Harris integrated the hot topic of vampires with friendships, self identification, and the thrill of suspense to create a engaging mystery for children.


Happy Reading,
Dr. Quinn


'Quel said...

This sounds like something I would enjoy. I look forward to being able to read it!

Hope your holidays were enjoyable. :-)

'Quel said...

I loved this book. It was an engaging, enjoyable read. I agree that the protaganist had a very interesting style.

I probably wouldn't recommend it to children under ten, because of the nature of the second part of the book.

In a world of hastily written or simply badly done vampire novels, this author has managed to write something refreshingly new and marketed it to a younger age group.