Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mock Caldecott: Allotment #3

By Cathryn Falwell


· The illustrations are absolutely fantastic!
· Paper collage complimented with a few textured prints
· Detailed and magnificently intense
· Wonderful use of language
· Informative author notes on the last few pages

Dinosaur vs. Bedtime
By Bob Shea


· A story in which all children and parents can make a connection
· A young dinosaur can take on about any challenge and win…but what about bedtime?
· Humorous
· Shea uses mixed media with bold pictures and even bolder text
· Not only does Dinosaur win, but Shea wins with this book

Grace for President
By Kelly DiPucchio & Ill. By LeUyen Pham


· After noticing that no girls have ever been president, Grace decides to run for office
· Great book for election time
· Informative in regards to the Electoral College
· “…the best person for the job.”
· Fun and colorful illustrations
· A variety of page layouts are used throughout the book

A Kitten Tale
By Eric Rohmann

Rating: 3.5

· A good story about an adventurous kitten who is excited about snow when three other kittens are not so optimistic
· Love the artwork: black borders and outlines positively compliment the colorful prints
· A mixture of relief and monotype prints; 32 separate runs for each image

Imaginary Menagerie: A Book of Curious Creatures
By Julie Larios & Ill. By Julie Paschkins


· A collection of poems written about mythical creatures
· The illustrations were done in gouache
· Each picture is colorful and outlined in black
· Creative illuminated letters bring attention to the title of each poem

Little Hoot
By Amy Krouse Rosenthal & Ill. by Jen Corace


· Little Hoot wants to go to bed, but his parents want him to stay up late like owls should
· Watercolor paintings outlined in ink set against a white background
· An abundance of whitespace is used for a clean look
· Paintings are colorful with supportive detail

Building Manhattan
By Laura Vila


· A time line of Manhattan; from 50,000 B.C.E to the present
· Colorful acrylic paintings
· Love the various perspectives Vila used
· Paintings are excellent
· Storyline is average

One Boy
By Laura Vaccaro Seeger


· A boy creates 10 paintings that all together make a counting book
· Cutouts are used for each painting connecting the pictures and words
· I would have liked a stronger connection among all ten paintings…seemed a little random
· The artwork is bold, simple and colorful

Bye-bye, Crib
By Alison McGhee & Ill. by Ross MacDonald


· A young boy wants to stay in his crib rather sleep in a “big bed”
· Fun story
· Illustrations have a nostalgic look; middle 1900s motif
· Not a fan of the illustrations…due to the style
· Watercolors and pencil crayon

Potato Joe
By Keith Baker

Rating: ???

· I have no idea how I feel about this book…I need to see how children will respond
· Sing-song lyrics, “one potato, two potato, hello Joe…”
· Illustrations are done with photoshop
· Brown endpages support the story
· Unusual looking personified potatoes lead the reader through the story
· Again mixed emotions with his one…check it out yourself

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